COOKBOOK BOOK by Annahita Kamali, Florian Böhm
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COOKBOOK BOOK by Annahita Kamali, Florian Böhm

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A celebration of the world’s most beautiful and influential cookbooks.

Cookbook Book celebrates the world‘s greatest cookbooks. From tried-and-true classics such as Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking
to the best-selling Jamie Oliver‘s 30-Minute Meals
and the ground-breaking Noma by Rene Redzepi, the 125 cookbooks have been selected for their remarkable designs, unusual concepts or influential content.
This is a unique collaboration between designer Annahita Kamali, artist/photographer Florian Böhm and Phaidon’s editors. Cookbook Book features
reproductions of notable pages, an informative review of each book and an introduction, which explores the history of cookbooks. With full-
language translations of recipes, the book can be enjoyed for its recipes or as an inspirational reference.
Drawing from the authors’ and Phaidon’s extensive library, Cookbook Book is the ultimate visual guide to cookbooks the world over and a document of a cultural phenomena – making it an essential addition to the library of any keen cook, cookbook collector or designer.
Based in Munich, Böhm and Kamali have collaborated on photography, art, design, publishing and fashion. Keen cooks, they have been collecting cookbooks from all round the world for several years.



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